• Fresh Fruit Napoleon $10.00

    seasonal fresh fruit, served with crispy phyllo and a sweet vanilla-mascarpone cream

  • Lemon-Italian Meringue Pie $10.00

    with a smooth and creamy lemoncello custard filling, a sugary pastry crust and italian meringue

  • Chocolate Deluxe $10.00

    layers of rich, moist chocolate gâteau, creamy-smooth chocolate icing, seasonal fruit and your choice of gelato

  • Crème Brûlée $10.00

    our secretly smooth in-house recipe, with a glazed sugar topping, seasonal fruit and your choice of sorbet

  • Gelato $10.00

    four widly delicious flavours from our local coppa di gelato: ✭ bailey's and coffee - need we say more: a perfect fusion of flavours ✭ chocolate bourbon - da

  • La Casa Cheesecake $10.00

    our own light and lemony version of a familiar classic, with your choice of blueberry, raspberry or strawberry compote

  • Sorbet $10.00

    from coppa di gelato: a delightful non-dairy selection of fresh fruit sorbets, including lemoncello, mango, raspberry and balsamic strawberry

  • Tiramisu $10.00

    made in-house, with chilled layers of espresso-soaked lady fingers, mascarpone cream cheese, cocoa and kahlúa

Specialty Coffees

  • B-52 $10.00

    classic blend of Bailey's Grand Marnier and Kahlúa

  • Irish $10.00

    smooth mixture of Jameson's Whiskey and Irish Mist

  • Italian $10.00

    delightfully tasty combination of Frangelico and Galliano

  • La Casa Royale $10.00

    house specialty coffee, blending Amaretto and Frangelico

  • Monte Cristo $10.00

    exotic combination of Kahlúa and Grand Marnier

  • Spanish $10.00

    rich and smooth fusion of Kahlúa and Brandy