An Authentic Italian Kitchen

When La Casa Ristorante first opened its doors on March 10, 1994, proprietor Syl Basacco had already done his homework by studying and copying many of our Mom’s recipes from back home in Ceprano, Italy. In fact it used to be quite the treat when La Casa featured our Mom’s home-made lasagna as the daily special. Some of these recipes are still on our menu today, along with many other delicious dishes our talented chefs have created over the years. Bottom line : you don’t last this long unless your food is really good!

Your Food

Is Our Main Focus

Using only top quality ingredients at the peak of their freshness, our chefs have created a menu which combines many of our favorite signature dishes with many new and exciting flavours and aromas. Our seasonally updated lunch and dinner menus blend classic, traditional Italian dishes from the small town of Ceprano with more contemporary and diverse Mediterranean, and also Canadian, influences.

If authentic Italian food is your desire, avoid corporate “frozen food” imitations and experience La Casa for yourself. We haven’t been around this long for nothing and you will be amazed at how little difference there is in price, especially when you see how large and taste how delicious our servings are.

Our Service

Strives For Your Satisfaction

From the moment you enter the front door to the time you decide to leave, we are here to make all your culinary desires a reality. Whether you are enjoying a romantic candlelit interlude, celebrating a special family event, or engaged in a business meeting, our friendly servers will be attuned to your every need with a warm smile and a professional demeanour.

A Cozy and

Comfortable Environment

Coming to La Casa is like going home to a cosy fireplace that burns real wood, a friendly and open bar, and even some shelves full of old books you might have once read. Coming back to La Casa is like returning to a calm and familiar place you know you will always enjoy. After all, very few other restaurants can offer such fresh and savoury Italian cuisine, enhanced by a very wide selection of fine wines, and complemented by such a vast array of tantalizing desserts, specialty coffees, tasty liqueurs and single malt Scotches. And on cold days and nights, we usually have a real wood fire burning to keep us warm and to brighten up the room.

The Final Word


Be spontaneous. Be flexible. Be adventuresome. There are few truly great pleasures in life and fine dining must surely be one of them. At La Casa we do our utmost to ensure that all our guests enjoy every aspect of their dining experience. Your enjoyment and our success depend on making you want to come back to La Casa time and time again.