Scotch (1.5oz)

  • Aberlour (10yr) $7.60

    This Speyside malt, tasting of caramel and toffee, has a long, smooth finish.

  • Ardbeg (10yr) $14.20

    Smoky, peaty, complex and well-balanced, this fine single malt Islay originates on the southern-most tip of the island, kissing the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Auchentoshan (12yr) $8.30

    This Lowlands malt uses peat and water from the nearby Highlands, but still retains the light, clean Lowlands taste, with hints of citrus, honey and vanilla.

  • Balvenie (12yr) $12.40

    The "DoubleWood" combines flavours of sweet nuttiness, orange fruitiness and cinnamon spiciness, leading to an amazing finish that is long, tingling and warm.

  • Bowmore (12yr) $8.30

    This excellent Islay malt is a complex mix of persistent sherry sweetness and seaweedy saltiness, with a remarkably long and salty finish.

  • Cardhu (12yr) $11.10

    This Speyside distillery, co-founded by two women, produces a soft, smooth malt acclaimed for its elegant style, silky texture and honeyed layers of fruit flavour.

  • Cragganmore (12yr) $12.40

    This is one of the great Speyside malts, with a very fragrant bouquet of cut grass and herbs, followed by a very clean, firm, smooth finish.

  • Dalwhinnie (15yr) $13.00

    In Gaelic, "Dalwhinnie" means "meeting place". This very fine Speyside single malt has a sweet, floral, honied flavour, with just a hint of peat.

  • Glendronach (12yr) $9.70

    Distilled in the Forgue Valley in Aberdeenshire, this Highland malt is perfectly balanced, smooth, creamy and full-bodied.

  • Glenfiddich (12yr) $7.95

    Another fine Speyside single malt, with a faintly smokysweet aroma, which tightly combines a dry maltiness, restrained sweetness and slight smokiness.

  • Glenkinchie (12yr) $12.40

    This Lowlands scotch exudes an aromatic grassy sweetness, with spicy caramel-vanilla tones and a warm, dry, spicy finish.

  • Glenlivet (12yr) $7.95

    Produced by the first licensed distillery in all of Scotland, this Speyside malt delicately balances a fruity sweetness and malty dryness.

  • Glenmorangie (10yr) $10.40

    This Northern Highlands malt has a smoky flavour, with hints of coffee and tobacco, finishing with a touch of saltiness.

  • Glenrothes $9.35

    Another impressive Speyside malt, this one boasts a silky-smooth body, with tinges of licorice, spice, dried fruit and peat.

  • Highland Park (12yr) $11.10

    This famous Orkney scotch is a complex fusion of heather, honey sweetness, smoky dryness and tasty maltiness, with a smooth, delicious finish.

  • Lagavulin (16yr) $16.30

    Meaning "the hollow where the mill is", this unique Islay reminds one of the Atlantic, with its mix of sweet-smoky-saltiness and a huge, embracing, peaty finish.

  • Laphroaig (10yr) $11.80

    Another Islay malt with a very distinct medicinal, seaweedy flavour, this scotch has a very peaty, salty, smoky, dry finish.

  • Macallan Gold $9.70

    Many claim this is the best single malt in all of Scotland, admired for its slight citrus taste, with hints of salt and smoke, and its long, sweet, slightly oily finish.

  • Macallan Amber $14.20

    If you liked the GOLD, you'll really love the AMBER.

  • Oban (14yr) $15.40

    Its name means "little bay of caves" and its body is smooth and quite rich, with smoky malty, fruity undertones and a savoury, aromatic finish.

  • Singleton of Glendullan $8.65

    This tasty malt combines the aromas and flavours of soft heather, honey, cereal and sweet spices, with a citrus peel note on the nose.

  • Talisker (10yr) $12.10

    "The Golden Spirit of Skye" has a hint of seaweed, combined with a smoky sourness and malty sweetness, ending with a long, warm, peaty and peppery finish.